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European School Network without Racism, Schools for Peace and Development.

Schools without Racism (hereafter SWR) was born in 1988 in Antwerp (Belgium) as a movement against violence, intolerance and racism, which spread across society, and the advance of radical right parties and its clear xenophobic message. It’s led by a group of trainers that see education, and more specifically the educational system, as a highly efficient instrument to build a new citizenship willing to fight against racism and xenophobia and to favour the advocacy of values such as equal rights, peace and dialogue.

From its inception, SWR is meant to become a European network of educational centres committed to actively fight against xenophobic attitudes by focusing on the most influential area for citizens: education. It is conceived as a flexible and open tool for the achievement of an intercultural school without racism, addressing the differences and integrating other groups’ cultural features into their own to build an intercultural environment where children and youth from different cultures can meet, value themselves, understand each other and grow together.

Right from the start, SWR was conceived, both, as a tool to fight against racism in the schools and society as a whole, and as a program dedicated to favour interculturality and to introduce, on a cross-cutting and permanent basis, the values education into the educational centres’’ curriculum and the teachers’ teaching methodology. SWR has evolved to become a programme that, on the one hand tries to prevent any type of discrimination, and on the other educates for peace, works on conflict resolution and on solidarity from a global perspective, including personal and joint responsibility and human development of all people and societies. For these reasons, the programme is called Schools without Racism, Schools for Peace and Development (hereafter SWR, SPD).

Therefore, we see SWR,SPD as an action framework and as a working instrument for schools. This methodology and this new way to educate require the engagement of the entire educational community (teachers, students, families and non-teaching staff) in order to fulfil our mission, i.e. building a fairer and more caring society.

The implementation of the project “Adoption in the educational programmes of European schools of good practice in integrating immigrant students”, financed by the European Commission during the 2007 European Fund call for the integration of nationals in third countries, is a turning point for the SWR, SPD network in Europe. By implementing this project, we promote and reinforce the European exchange as far as objectives, methodologies and materials concern. Moreover, it also favours the production of new instruments; a website and a good-practice manual that strengthen our joint work, expecting to extend the network with the incorporation of new organizations and educational centres of other countries.

We are currently active members of the European network SWR, SPD:

  1. Assembly of Cooperation for Peace of Spain
  2. Actiuni Sociale Prin Metode Educative Active of Rumania
  3. Centre d’Entraînement aux Méthodes d’Education Active of France
  4. Lithuanian Youth Center of Lithuania
  5. ProgettoMondo MLAL (Laici Movement for Latin America) of Italy
  6. Vuste Envis of the Czech Republic
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