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Assembly of Cooperation for Peace (ACPP) is an NGO for the development that tries to contribute, since 1990, to achieve an equitable development, the claim of social justice, the defence and promotion of Human Rights, gender equality and democracy.

In the countries of the Southern hemisphere, we work for the capacity-building of beneficiaries to reach a sustainable development, strengthen the associates network and obtain the improvement and generalization of basic public social services. In Europe, our activity is focused on social action areas: education, awareness campaigns, migration and co-development. Our aim is to contribute to the building of a citizenship with critical thinking, committed to the effort of creating a more equitable world and a real solidarity.


Association A.S.M.E.A. is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization that promotes democracy through enlivening training practices and education for adults, youth and children, helping to contribute to the development and realization of human potential.

A.S.M.E.A. is affliated since April 2002, at F.I.C.E.M.E.A.

Association ASMEA is accredited as a service provider in the following domains:

  1. Social services, domain of action: Information and Counseling in the social doman – accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Families.
  2. Mediation Services in the internal workplace – accredited by the National Agency for Workforce Occupation – the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Families.

The Association was founded in 2001. Since then, it has developed projects with objectives ranging from: training leaders in cultural arts and social activities, promotion of multi-culturalism, the exchange of best practices in active/ participatory education in the educational domain, promotion of equal opportunities, cultural integration, inter-ethnic collaboration, environmental protection and conservation, and the promotion of entrepreneurship education.

Partners: Local, regional, and national public authorities, national and european NGOs, Educational institutions (kindergartens, schools), and Institutions responsible for continued teacher training.

Target Group: All participants implicated in the educational process (teachers from grammer, middle, and high school, parents, youth, children); Local public administrative institutions, educational institutions, Nongovernmental Organizations, the unemployed, persons belonging to disadvantaged groups.


The ambition of the CEMEA is to develop actions in order to promote active education methods, new education as widely as possible and to contribute to the transformation of educative and social practices in our province and in partnership with foreign partners.

Our organization works in all educative fields with a variety of people : educations movements and other social actors, bear the responsibility to impulse, to support, and to concretize the right of every citizen to benefit, all along his/her life, an education that puts into practice these principles.

Our action takes place in all contexts, both rural and urban ; it takes into account the people who are victims of cultural and social exclusion. We currently work on parental implication in global education approach, and on urban environmental education in suburbs to support social link in weakened areas.


Lithuanian Youth Centre (LYC) – national non-formal education institution for children and youth, teachers, schools and family. It was originally founded in 1945 as a children and youth after school activities centre. LYC is subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Lithuania. At present time we actively participate in forming and disseminating non-formal education at the national and international level, providing required services of non-formal education to society.

Our activities:

  1. Formation of the non-formal education (NFE) policy in Lithuania.
  2. Creation and dissemination of NFE system in Lithuania orientated towards competences and values.
  3. Projects and events of NFE.
  4. Other practical activities related to NFE: camps of competences and values formation, cognitive and leisure, various studies, clubs, academies, circles, activities...


ProgettoMondo Mlal is a non governmental organization (Ngo) for national and international voluntary service. Founded in 1966, with its headquarter in Verona, ProgettoMondo Mlal promotes and supports the engagement of the cooperation in Latin America and Africa, with a parallel concern and attention to the development of solidarity on the territory in Italy.

ProgettoMondo Mlal’s experience may be summed up in over 320 projects in 21 countries, and with a common and embracing aspect to all these figures: a special attention to the training of local personnel and to the construction of a relational and social network ensuring sustainability to every initiative.

In Italy, Mlal promotes meeting and interchange among the different people and cultures of the world. Its activities are aimed towards information, education for peace and development, training, cultural and social sensitisation, lobbying and solidarity campaigns. This action, as the ones above, is developed with the direct participation of groups, associations, schools and other social and institutional subjects of the areas involved.


Vuste Envis Ltd. is training enterprise accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for the arrangement of vocational re-qualification training schemes in the field of: personal management, management and social care worker in the field of the service care an basis educational care.

Our principal objective is to develop and strengthen our activities providing to the SME sphere. We want to use our skills and experience in the support of SMEs in solution of their problems in the field of economy, organization, long life training, information and promotion. We are ready to extend our international relations and the participation in the development of training and educational projects.

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