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  1. Lithuanian Migration department
  2. Tolerant Youth association
  3. Ministry of foreign affairs of the republic of Lithuania
  4. Ministry of education and science of the republic of Lithuania
  5. Refugees Reception Center in Lithuania
  6. Ministry of Education, Research and Youth
  7. Romanian Immigration Office
  8. Ministry of Culture and Cults
  9. ANT - National Authority for Youth
  10. The Institute for Educational Sciences (ISE)
  11. The Romanian Institute for Human Rights (IRDO)
  12. Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning
  13. National Council for Fighting against Discrimination
  14. EURODESK. Youth Information service
  15. European approaches to Inter Generational Lifelong Learning
  16. INFOEUROPA Center
  17. Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA
  18. Information about financing sources
  19. The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008) was established by Decision N° 1983/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. (18 December 2006)  
  20. US based - is a principal online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry and creating, in hate's stead, communities that value diversity
  21. European Commission
  22. UNESCO
  23. Ministry of education of Spain
  24. Ministry of labour and immigration of Spain
  25. Intercultural classroom
  26. Resources network of education for peace, development and interculturality
  27. A webpage in which you can find informations about the law and the didactic strategies for the integration of immigrants’ students
  28. Documentation website on migration
  29. Official website of the European project “Solidarity School” in which you can find experiences and proposals for schools on Development Education
  30. The official website of “tantetinte “, documentation centre on intercultural education in Verona.
  31. The site aims to develop an intervention to support and the teachers through the provision of services on intercultural education
  32. Autonomous and independent scientific body that promotes study, research and initiatives on the multiethnic and multicultural society
  33. The website of the organization of second generation immigrants in Italy
  34. The website of online journal of literature of migration
  35. The network of associations in Verona fighting against racial discrimination
  36. Documentation and didactic activities on intercultural education
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